Why Denverites Should Consider Installing James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding is the perfect choice for Denver residents looking to increase their homes’ value while lowering their maintenance costs. 

Colorado Window Source has worked with many different house siding products in our 18 years of service to the Denver Metro area. If you’re considering installing siding on your Denver area home, we encourage you to look at James Hardie siding in Denver products.  

Why James Hardie Siding? 

When most people think of siding, vinyl siding is their first thought. After all, vinyl siding has been around forever. However, when it comes to construction, that may not be a good thing. James Hardie siding offers many benefits over vinyl siding. 

Let’s take a look at the differences between vinyl siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding. 

What is Vinyl Siding? 

Vinyl siding is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is a high-strength thermoplastic material used in things like plumbing and vinyl flooring. It is the third-most produced plastic in the world and, unfortunately, is not environmentally friendly. 

Vinyl is available in numerous colors and textures. Due to the lack of depth in vinyl siding, however, it often falls short when textured like wood or stone. The color in vinyl siding does fade toward the end of its lifecycle, particularly in sunny locales. 

If you install vinyl siding on your home, you can expect little to no maintenance beyond on annual cleaning. 

Most vinyl siding comes with a 25-year warranty. While durable, the weather may damage your vinyl siding. Hail and wind debris can dent or tear it, while highly variable temperatures and concentrated heat may cause vinyl siding to crack, warp, or buckle. Make sure to keep your grill a safe distance from the side of your home. 

Vinyl siding tends to be reasonably budget-friendly, costing anywhere from $3 to $7 per square foot, including the cost for professional installation. 

What is Fiber Cement Siding? 

Made from wood fiber, clay, sand, and cementfiber cement siding is a heavy, rigid board that can look like many other substances, including wood and stone. 

It is made from recycled material and sustainable, so it is much more environmentally friendly than vinyl. It’s also available in a multitude of colors and can be up to 5 times thicker than other siding types.  

Fiber cement siding is more durable under inclement weather. James Hardie has defined what they call “HardieZones®,” which allows them to customize their products for maximum durability for different climates. 

James Hardie products come with a 30-year warranty and are fire, mold, rot, and insect resistant. With proper maintenance and care, it can last up to 100 years with only an annual power washing and a re-paint after the first decade. 

Fiber cement siding does tend to cost a bit more than vinyl sidinganywhere from $5 to $10 per square foot with professional installation. 

Choose Colorado Window Source James Hardie Siding Installation in Denver 

If you’re considering upgrading your Denver home, James Hardie siding is the best option if you want a quality product with a great look and a 100-year lifespan. 

When it comes to James Hardie siding installation, Colorado Window Source is the top Denver house siding contractor in the Metro area. 

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