Pella Patio Doors in Denver, Colorado

Hinged patio doors swing opened and closed from the side of their frames. In-swing doors swing inside your home when opened; out-swing doors swing to the outside. They are available in single and multiple door styles. Hinged patio doors are an impressive focal point inside your home. Plus, they draw the eye outdoors and spotlight your yard, patio or deck. When you top them with a transom window, you’ll enjoy an expanded view and more natural light. Pella hinged patio doors have a unique locking system that secures the door at the top, middle and bottom for added security.

When room is tight, sliding patio doors are just right. They don’t swing, so they require less floor space than a hinged door. From kitchen to bedroom, they’re a perfect fit for your home’s style, too. Get a traditional look with the wide panels of the French style. Or go contemporary with narrow panels and more visible glass. Pella wood sliding patio doors have a unique design that puts the sliding panel on the outside — so when the wind blows against it, it creates a tighter seal.