Colorado Window Source Offers NEAT + Window Technology to Benefit Our Clients

In addition to being the Denver metro area’s premier window installation and replacement experts, Colorado Window Source prides ourselves in staying at the forefront of developing technologies and innovations that can help our clients. Once again, we have done it! We are happy to introduce NEAT+ windows for your home.  

According to the National Weather Service, Colorado sees over 300 days of sun per year. Florida only gets 237! This much sun affects many parts of your home, including your windows. But there are so many types of windows to choose from. And besides the design, you must also think about the components.  

Window glass is typically made of silica, a component of sand, and mixed with sodium carbonate or potassium carbonate and a small amount of lime. Most window manufacturers add other components to help make their windows stronger, but we usually hear about a few problems: chipped glass, too much heat/cold coming through, and difficult to clean. NEAT+ glass solves all of those problems.  

NEAT+ uses a combination of static dissipation to reduce the amount of dust on a window’s surface, along with having help from the sun to breakdown greenhouse gases and other pollutants, which will keep your windows naturally cleaner.   

All this sounds great, but most people want to understand how it works and has it been tested. The science behind this technology is Titanium Dioxide. Titanium Dioxide is a white, powdery titanium compound that gives shine to paint, toothpaste, and other bright white things. The key is that titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst, which means it makes chemical reactions happen when the right kind of light shines on it. In this case, the light is ultraviolet, super-blue, high-energy part of sunlight that our eyes can’t see but that gives us sunburn.  

It is put onto the window that causes it to become hydrophilic which means the water is repelled from the surface. Instead of forming clumps of water on your window, it will be clear. There is also a catalytic coating which helps keep the windows cleaner longer. To see watershed technology in action go here:

Most windows become charged and actually attract dust and dirt particles. To eliminate the charge and clean the window harsh chemicals are needed. However, with NEAT+ the glass produces electrons that turn water molecules from the air and cause reactions on the coating that attacks and repels dust and dirt and allows a homeowner to clean their windows with just water saving time, money, and the environment.  

Grooves of any kind collect dirt. That is why there is also a coating of silicon dioxide on all NEAT+ windows, which makes them extra, smooth and decreases the likelihood of dirt and dust particles getting stuck in and on the window.  

One of the best parts of this coating is that it lasts a lifetime and is completely invisible. No matter the weather conditions or the amount of sun your windows take on, the coating will never have to be replaced. In addition, it helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the window.  

Colorado Window Source is pleased to offer NEAT+ & watershed technology on BetterVue screen mesh to help protect your windows and your home. Give us a call and speak to our experts more about the NEAT + Window Technology.