Authorized Dealer – Milgard Windows, Denver

The right windows can update your home’s style and add tremendous value, which is why Milgard Windows is now part of our product offering in Denver. We think that windows are more than just an investment, though. They let you see the outside world while also offering security, protection, and insulation.

Why Milgard Windows? 

 As an authorized dealer of the Ultra Series and Style Line Series, we can offer our Denver customers both premium and affordable solutions. Milgard products come with a full lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. The warranty is also transferable to new owners for ten years after you sell your home.  

We also appreciate that Milgard windows sold in Denver are designed and assembled in the U.S. This helps support the domestic economy while also allowing our valued clients to enjoy faster lead times with no manufacturing shortcuts. 

Ultra Series

These fiberglass windows are popular among Denver homeowners looking for a more upscale window solution. Fiberglass resists swelling and warping, as well as rotting. Plus, the material is resistant to heat and cold, making this choice as practical and durable as it is beautiful.   

Choose from four colors in sophisticated names like Bark, Black Bean, and Harmony. And, of course, there’s White, too. There are also attractive hardware options with multiple finishes to complement the style of any home. Customers say this is a “step above” other window materials 

Style Line Series 

 The Style Line Series is where quality and affordability intersect. Budget-conscious homeowners appreciate that this low-maintenance vinyl never needs to be painted and won’t corrode. The slimmer frames also allow more light to enterand the clean lines create a modern, airy spaceChoose from 11 colors to match any home style and enjoy peace of mind with the easy-locking hardware that exceeds forced entry standards. 

Trinsic Series 

The Trinsic Series is perfect if you want a vinyl window frame that is also modern. Your demand for a modern appearance is satisfied by its sleek design and the maximum amount of viewable glass space that allows an optimal view of the outdoors. Over time, they also require little to no upkeep.

Milgard vinyl windows come with a white interior and a range of painted exterior finish options. Find a frame color that can go with your current trim, siding, or stucco by looking at all the hues, from espresso to silver. Each shade, whether light or dark, complements a neutral aesthetic, can meld with the color of the nearby walls, and gives your home a sleek, modern appearance.

trinsic window series

Types of Milgard Windows Available in Denver

Milgard windows are available in seven different styles:  

  1. Single-Hung – This type of window slides up to allow airflow to enter through the bottom half. We recommend this style for areas like patios and balconies to avoid protruding into an outdoor space.  
  2. Horizontal Slider – Slide from left to right to open the window. Sometimes, simplicity is best! 
  3. Casement – A hinge allows the window to slide open and let in max airflow. This style is ideal when you want to enjoy the outdoor view because there’s no obstruction.   
  4. Awning – A top hinge that opens outward allows airflow in, while keeping out the cold weather and precipitation. This feature is a favorite during cold Denver winters! 
  5. Picture – These windows don’t open, but they’re ideal if you want to let light in and enjoy the view.  
  6. Radius – What sets this style apart is the curved, half-circle top. You can also choose to have these inoperable picture windows. Grids are another option. 
  7. Bay & Bow (Ultra Series only) – If you want a dramatic look or to have a set of windows, you can choose Bay, which has three panels, or Bow, which has four panels. They allow for maximum window space and are also perfect for curved spaces. 

Contact us for more info, and we’ll show why Denver homeowners are raving about Milgard windows.