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Colorado Window Source Installation Process!


Before we order your new replacement windows, knowing where to measure is the key to a proper installation. Also, knowing the type of window that you are tearing out is important for proper fitting of the new window.


When tearing out the old window it is very crucial that you do not tear out more than you have to. We try to minimize the damage inside and outside of the opening.


When preparing the opening you must make sure the opening is square and level. It will make the installation of the new replacement window much easier.


The Bay window is going to slide right into the opening flush with the drywall on the inside. We will screw through the sides and cover the screws with trim on the inside.


The Bay has two treaded rods in the corners, which are used to support the bay from the outside. We anchor with chains and turn the buckles for leveling.


The final phase is to trim the interior with the desired trim. Then we build the roof on the outside of the Bay and insulate.