How to Prepare for Your First James Hardie Siding Installation in Denver 

Preparing your home before a contractor comes to replace the siding can help you ensure everyone’s safety and faster installationSome of this preparation begins even before you hire your contractor, while the rest happens as you coordinate with the siding installation company.   

Use these tips to learn how to prepare for your first James Hardie Siding Installation in Denver, Colorado. 


The Weeks Before Installation 

Before you hire a contractor, you should decide on the materials you want to use and work up a budget to ensure you can afford them. Adding up the cost on your own can help you choose a contractor with fair pricing.   

Once you have those numberssearch for a Denver contractor that you trust to complete the siding installation such as Colorado Window Source Denver. We are known to offer the best and reliable James Hardie Siding installation services in Denver and the whole of Colorado region.

Once you schedule your contractor, you can start preparing your house. Begin by taking a walk around the outside of your home. Note any locations that have damage or other issues.  

When you go back inside, look at the areas along the walls where you noticed worn siding on the outside. If you find any interior damage, get that fixed before you have your siding replaced.   

Look to see if any trees and low hanging branches would inhibit the contractors’ workTrim any hedges, leaves, and trees a few days before the contractor comes to avoid them growing back before they arrive.  


The Days Before Installation 

The outside of your home must be clean and free of clutter and debris. In the days before the contractor arrives, start moving any outdoor furniture out of the way, such as lights, potted plants, tables, and chairs.   

Inside, you remove anything that may off the walls during installationConsider taking down pictures, mirrors, and mounted TVs. You can also move any furniture away from exterior walls to prevent damage, such as curtains, shelves, large furniture, and blinds.  


The Day of Installation 

On the day your siding installation company arrives, review everything you’ve done so far to make sure you prevent all injuries and mishaps that may occur. If you find that you missed any obstacles, remove them. If you see new damage, communicate it to the contractor so it does not worsen during installation.  

Once the contractor is there, turn off the power to all exterior lights and outlets for safety, which may require flipping a few breakers. If you don’t know which ones connect to the exterior lights, ask the contractor, and they can help you. 


Choose Colorado Window Source and More for your Siding Installation Needs 

While preparing your home for siding installation may take some work, finding a siding installation contractor shouldn’tYou need an affordable contractor who provides high-quality services and has the experience to back them up.   

At Colorado Window Source and More, we offer superior service, and we can answer any questions you have. Call us today at (720) 619-8536 for a quote.