Frequently Asked Questions2020-10-28T17:14:09-05:00
How can I tell if my house siding is damaged?2020-11-19T10:54:43-05:00

A professional home siding contractor will be able to help you determine if your home is in need of a siding replacementDon’t be afraid to share the details or send a photo/video of what you’re seeing.  Tell them if you find cracks, warping, mildew, mold, holes, or even experience peeling of paint or loosening of wallpaper on a room’s exterior wall.  It’s nothing to be embarrassed by, it’s just normal ware and tare that can easily be resolved by having a home siding replacement

How do I know if my front door needs to be replaced?2020-11-19T10:53:58-05:00

It is important to replace your home’s front entry door if it shows any sign of damage.  If your door is scraping the floor when in use, not shutting properly, or allowing drafts to pass while closed, you need an exterior door replacement.  Having a new front entry door installed (or any type of exterior door installation) will help lower energy bill costs by keeping the temperature regulated inside the home and can add to the value of your home by improving curb appeal.  The best way to tell if you have damage to any of your home’s exterior doors is to have a professional door replacement contractor come out for a quick inspection. 

Which windows are best for my home?2020-11-19T10:55:38-05:00

Researching a variety of different replacement windows is key. Evaluating the different types of windows, their features, the weather in your area, the size and location of the room, how the room will be used, and many other factors should all be taken into consideration when choosing your new window replacement. This can be overwhelming to do on your own!  To find the perfect replacement windows for your home, seek out an expert window replacement contractor so they can help you filter through the options.

Do I need a permit to install windows?2020-11-19T10:56:12-05:00

Permits are needed for a window installation that requires changes in home’s structure.  The same rules apply when installing entry doors and patio doors. Permits are also helpful for building inspectors so they can verify and document that code requirements are being complied with.  Be sure to check with your local government since permit requirements for windows replacement vary by city.  If handling permits on your own seems intimidating, the experts at your professional windows installation company can help. 

What are signs that my windows have damage?2020-11-19T10:56:51-05:00

The best way to tell if you have window damage is to have your professional windows replacement company come out for a quick inspection.  But if you want to check it on your own, some indications that you have damaged windows are: 

  • High electricity bills: 

To help you save on your monthly bills, invest in installing new windows with the right material.  

  • Fogging due to broken seals: 

If the seals have already failed, it’s time for a window replacement before they begin leaking. 

  • Stubborn windows: 

Operating windows should not be difficult. If your windows are painted-shut or require extreme pressure to operate, then it’s time for a windows replacement. 


How long do windows last?2020-11-19T10:57:30-05:00

The lifespan of your replacement windows depends on many things such as frame material,  installation quality, maintenance, local weather, and more.  A good rule of thumb is if your windows are nearing two decades, it’s time to contact a reputable window replacement company to get a free estimate. 

My window leaks, does it need to be replaced completely?2020-11-19T10:52:22-05:00

A quick patch can be a good idea to avoid immediate damage.  However, a more permanent solution must take place to prevent the leak from continuing behind the patch job and causing further damage.  Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if a replacement window is needed without seeing the location and cause of the leak.  A professional windows installation contractor can let you know if the window can be completely repaired or if it is time to invest in new replacement windows.

How can I stay environmentally friendly with my windows?2020-11-19T10:53:21-05:00

Consider recyclable framing materials such as vinyl windows or wood windows.  The key is to have them correctly installed to ensure proper temperature control in your home; which can play a big part in saving on HVAC costs. If you want to know more about energy-efficient windows, speak to a reputable windows installation expert who can help you choose the perfect window replacement style for your home.