Best DoubleHung Windows Company in Highlands Ranch

Whether you are building your dream home or improving your existing home, double-hung windows in Highlands Ranch are an excellent option. Known for their classic style, they are among the most common window types seen in Highlands Ranch homes.   

They feature two window panesgenerally referred to as sashes in the window business—operating independently of the other. For this reason, double-hung windows may also be called dual-pane windows. For homeowners with children or small pets, they are a particularly attractive and practical option as the upper sash can open without leaving room for children or pets to escape.   

At Colorado Window Source, we offer a massive selection of double-hung windows in various brands, sizes, colors, and more. Our product experts will use our in-house Tru-Price, Tru-Choice, and Tru-Fit guarantees to ensure you receive the best deal, the best styles, and the best fit for your window replacement. 

Replacing Casement Windows with Double-Hung Windows in Highlands Ranch

If you are remodeling or replacing your windows, your home may already feature casement windows. When comparing these two styles, each has its unique benefits. The first step to replacing casement windows with double-hung windows is to decide if that’s actually the best course of action—or even possible  

Casement windows are typically reserved for more modern and contemporary homes, whereas doublehung windows offer a more traditional aesthetic, though this is not a hard and fast rule.   

Narrow and tall openings generally feature casement windows, while doublehung windows require a wider opening. Unfortunately, that means that replacing your casement windows with double-hung windows isn’t always possible 

If your space allows for it, though, double-hung windows are often more cost-effective than casement windows. Casement windows have more complex mechanical functions, installation needs, and sometimes require more panes than doublehung windows, so they typically retail at nearly twice the cost of doublehung windows.   

Double-hung windows are among the most affordably priced window replacement options in Highlands Ranch, but they do offer slightly less ventilation than casement windows. On that note, we do also carry high-quality casement replacement windows!  

If you need help deciding or are ready to make the switch for your home or even getting commercial windows in Highlands Ranch, simply get in touch with our team. We can measure your space and show you your options for double-hung replacement windows.

For Double-Hung Windows in Highlands Ranch at Competitive Prices, Choose Colorado Window Source

Whether you’re installing new windows, replacing existing double-hung windows, or switching your casement windows out for double-hung windows, choose Colorado Window Source. We offer leading window brands, such as Sunrise Windows, Anlin Windows, and JLED-WEN Wood Windows, at competitive prices—we guarantee you won’t find better double-hung windows at a better price anywhere in Aurora, Denver, or the surrounding areas! 

Call us today at 720-200-2700 to request your free in-home estimate or request a free Quick Quote—we’ll get back to you in 30 minutes or less—or visit or showroom at 1390 W Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80223. Since 2003, we have been proud to provide double-hung windows in Highlands Ranch for many clients.