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Sliding Windows Vs. Casement Windows:  Which is Better? 

There are two common types of vinyl replacement windows currently available for standard windows. These two types include sliding windows and casement windows.  

Sliding windows are what you’re probably used to seeing or thinking about when you hear the word window. Sliding windows feature two overlapping panes that slide over one another as they open. They are available in single-hung window or double-hung window versions.  

Casement windows are windows that open with the aid of a crank and are commonly used in tall, narrow window openings that won’t fit sliding windows. As such, the determining factor between sliding windows and casement windows is usually tied to the size of your home’s existing window openings.  

Energy Efficiency  

Both options are available in worry-free and maintenancefree vinyl replacement windows options and boast similar energy efficiency. If energy efficiency is your primary concern, though, casement windows are likely the best option for you. Because sliding windows overlap, the seal around the window must be flexible and allow for this movement.   

Casement windows have a fixed seal and require no flexibility, which allows for consistent insulation and higher energy efficiency. 

Improved Airflow 

If your primary concern for your home is ventilation, there are a couple of key differences to acknowledge between sliding windows and casement windows.  

Casement windows open completely extending towards the outside of your home, whereas sliding windows overlap, leaving half or more of the window sealed. As such, casement windows are often the better option for maximum ventilation.  

Because most casement windows open a full 90 degrees, they are among the easiest window options to maintain and keep sparkling clean. This is a particularly strong feature of casement windows when compared to sliding window options. Sliding window options can sometimes be difficult to open because of their flexible nature, but casement windows will always open with ease.  

Centennial Casement Windows Options  

Backed by our Tru-Choice, Tru-Price, and Tru-Fit guarantees, our product experts will earn your business and your trust by keeping our promise to find you the best fitting windows at the best price without any sacrifice in color, style, or curb appeal.   

When looking at all the available sliding, single- and double-hung casement windows options in Centennial, it’s important to select an option with a fully-reinforced frame. Though all our products and installations are protected by our lifetime Tru-Warranty, it’s important to minimize any need for repairs and reduce the possibility of failure in the future by selecting a high-quality option.  

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