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At Colorado Window Source, we offer all types of windows, including bay windows and bow windows, casement windows and vinyl windows. Working closely with industry-leading brands, Sunrise Windows, Anlin Windows, and JLED-WEN Wood Windows, our product experts will recommend the best brands and styles for your next home improvement project.   

All our services and installations come complete with our Tru-Price, Tru-Choice, and Tru-Fit guarantees so that you can remain worry-free throughout all parts of the home improvement process. Not only that, but our Tru-Warranty protects all of our products for a lifetime—even after installation is complete.   

One of the most transformative projects you can embark on as a homeowner is the installation of a bay window or bow window. Adding incredible visual intrigue, curb appeal, and a welcome wash of natural light, bay windows and bow windows can take any home to new heights.  

What’s the Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows? 

At first glance, bay windows and bow windows can look quite similar, but they are different window types with different maintenance needs, different costs, and different installation processes. Bow windows are a great option for Denver homeowners seeking additional natural light.

Bow windows have more window panes than bay windows, allowing them to let in more light. Compared to bay windows, which have three window panes and openings, bow windows typically have four or five separate panes.   

Because of the additional window panes, bow windows are often more expensive than bay windows. Bow windows also take up more wall space than their bay windows counterparts. The biggest benefit of bay windows is their wide window sill, which can allow for additional seating, a cozy reading nook, or display space.

Bow windows also curve—or bow—just a little bit further than your home’s exterior walls. They are most commonly incorporated into the design of Victorian homes, whereas bay windows are typically reserved for more modern home projects.   

This is a minor, aesthetic difference. It’s up to you to select the option that works best for your house—our talented team of product experts will guide you to the best decision for your budget and your home’s unique needs. Contact us today and we are going to guide you through it all.

Denver Bay Windows and Bow Windows Options 

 At Colorado Window Source, we work with the nation’s industry leaders to provide our customers— and the Denver area—with the brand names they know at a price they’re sure to love.   

Our Tru-Price, Tru-Choice, and Tru-Fit guarantees ensure you’ll always find just what you’re looking forWe recognize that home improvement projects are an investment, and we strive to protect that investment at every turn with our Tru-Warranty lifetime guarantee.   

We only work with the best bay window and bow window brands, including Sunrise Windows, Anlin Windows, and JLED-WEN Wood Windows, to offer climate-specific window options in custom sizes to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. No matter what size or type of bow window or bay windows you’re looking for, we can help.   

Contact us today to request your free in-home estimate or visit our product experts at our showroom for all your Denver Bay windows and bow windows